Northern Star Generation LLC ("NSG") is a privately held power generation company dedicated to providing reliable service to its customers, most of whom hold long term contracts with NSG for power generation capacity and energy production. NSG was formed in early 2004 to own and operate a portfolio of power plants with long term contracts that was being divested by El Paso Corporation.  Since the initial acquisition from El Paso in 2004, NSG has completed several transactions to add to its ownership share of these plants. Northern Star Generation Services Company LLC, a subsidiary of NSG, provides asset management and operations and maintenance services to the parent company and to its subsidiary project companies.

NSG's Measure of Success

Maintain a safe work environment for our employees and contractors
Minimize impacts on the environment
Provide reliable service to our customers
Maximize the value to our investors


The four plants currently owned by Northern Star Generation are gas fired combustion turbine plants.

Click on Plant for more details on each plant.

Natural Gas
NSG Headquarters

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